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Man attacked over alleged land litigation

A 28-year-old security person, Muhammad Massawudu, has been attacked at Mepom, a suburb of Adeiso in the Upper West Akim District of the Eastern region over alleged land litigation.

Speaking to Adom News’ Kwasi Azor, the victim said he traveled with one of his managers for a business trip and upon returning he joined a vehicle at Mepom Junction to his residence at Krodua.

He explained that he saw a mob attacking the driver of the vehicle he was in, and in the process of rescuing him, the mob recognised him as a staff of the organisation they were having land dispute with.

They transferred their aggression to him and beat him with a cutlass, glass and sticks until he fell unconscious.


Wife of the victim, Fauziatu Ibrahim, is calling on the security agencies to assist in ascertaining the circumstances leading to her husband’s attack.

The victim is currently at the hospital with bruises all over his head, hands, face, stomach area and legs.


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