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Man in viral video bathing naked women not pastor

It has been revealed that the man is recently seen in a video bathing some naked ladies is not a pastor as many people thought.

His name has been given as Mensah Mark and said to be the CEO of Phens Multimedia.
In a video that has since gone viral, the man was seen bathing the ladies in a bowl but had their faces mostly concealed by the camera.

They were seen removing their panties before squatting in the bowls to receive what was captured as the “holy bath” from the supposed “men of God”.

But he been described as an “entertainer” who goes by the stage name “pastor blinks”.
An article attributed to one Aniefiok Udoabasi and published on Facebook said “he is not a pastor. He is not claiming to be a pastor. He doesn’t own a church”.

Man in viral video bathing naked women not pastor 1

The man himself is yet to speak on the matter to lay to rest the anger and controversy generated by the video which has gone viral.

The article said that as an entertainer, Mr. Mensah makes skits and short films about the Church and things that will generate clicks.
“His latest work is a skit depicting him acting the role of a pastor in a cross-over night, bathing female members.
“He is the same “pastor” who played the role , in a skit last year, of a pastor shaving female members pubic hairs in make-believe the church.
“In 2020, he acted having his bath and giving church members the water to drink.
“There was one, I think in 2019, showing him touching the privates of a female, as he was praying for her.
“People are reporting this as if it is real. Some are using it to further their hobby of mocking the church. They don’t bother to check it out.
“A simple Google search will do. The man has been granting interviews saying he is only an actor.
“This man is an entertainer making skits and videos on YouTube to earn a living.
“Calling him a pastor and bashing the church is like calling Mercy Johnson a witch for acting the role of a witch in a movie.
“Or calling Genevieve Nnaji a reverend sister for interpreting the role of a reverend sister so well in a film.

Man in viral video bathing naked women not pastor 2

Meanwhile, a gender activist by name Mwarah Bavu, has taken on the “pastor” calling for sanctions against him.
In a statement sent to The Herald she wrote…”it is dehumanizing, outright disrespect and an insult to women and I think Ghana Police service must investigate and bring this so called “man of God” to order”.

“I was infuriated and quite disturbed when I watched a viral video of an unidentified Ghanaian pastor bathing female church members inside a church auditorium for their 2021 crossover service to 2022”.
Mwarah stated “I watched in disgust as a young lady in white walked gently towards the pastor with the congregation applauding her whiles she stripped naked and sits in a pan for a bizarre spiritual bath”.”Whiles the head pastor baths and washed the panties of these ladies, another pastor rubs oil believed to be anointing oil on the ladies.

 “According to the head pastor who made claim the service was live, the bath was a holy bath meant to cleanse members so they can be pure.”To my surprise, he said this holy bath was a directive from God. Unfortunately, Ghana has become porous that, it is easier for people like him to call themselves men of God.”

According to the biblical principles relating to code of conduct, ethics, and worship which plays a role in Christianity thus the Ten Commandments, I consider his way ungodly and a breach of the Christian faith therefore “I wonder the doctrine being used in that church because that directive is defiantly not from God.”In all this, I wonder what our government is doing to clamp down on these fake prophets and pastors roaming our streets, streaming online and other social media platforms claiming to offer quick ways to riches, marriage, pregnancy and lots more. What is the government doing to a man bathing a woman under a live streaming TV?”

This is a clear example of sexual exploitation as this head pastor used his position of trust and power to cohere and groom these women through their faith to remove their clothes for his own benefit. It is dehumanizing, outright disrespectful, and an insult to women and I think the Ghana Police service must investigate and bring this so-called “man of God” to order. About 90 percent of the youth especially ladies do not know their rights and do not understand the law.

Therefore, they are forced to believe these lies and degrade themselves which later causes trauma and self-guilt. Our government and the media must do more to prevent the abuse of women through sensitization and education of the rights of women to help curb this menace.

To our ladies, please be logical and coherent when prophecies like this is laid to you as The Apostle Paul warned of these “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables”- 2 Timothy 4:3


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