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Members Of Parliament Are Behaving In The Same Way As Rats – Kwesi Pratt

Mr Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, has taken a jab at Parliament in the wake of the recent impasses that have plagued its proceedings.

Parliament is a vital medium in the country, thus the development is an assault to its prestige, he stated on Pan Africa Television’s Good Morning Africa.

Mr Pratt Jnr called the development as contemptible and disgusting, saying that if members of Parliament are capable of misbehaving to this point, they are no better than rats.

“I believe it is critical to recognize the importance of Parliament in this current administration. Parliament is the place where our present and future are decided. How we construct the country, how we distribute resources, and so forth. It’s an important platform, and since it’s an important forum, it shouldn’t be reduced to a circus. Unfortunately, what’s been going on in parliament over the last year or more does not give us any comfort,” he said.

“I get the idea that we’re slowly but steadily turning parliament into a circus, a humorous circus.” When members of parliament misbehave to the point of seizing ballot papers in the chamber and biting them, those members are not behaving any better than rats, as Mr Pratt Jnr explained.

“They’re behaving exactly like a rat.” Members of Parliament can pick up voting papers and chew and swallow them; they are no better than rats, and this is unthinkable.”


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