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Mortuary worker explains what goes on in a morgue including using kitchen tools

When growing up there are so many careers to fantasize about, whether it’s an actress, a singer, a chef, or – apparently – a mortuary technologist.

Yes, that’s right. Alexandria Bowser has wanted her dream job as a mortuary technologist since she was eleven years old, and hats off to her, because it can be an extremely tough job.

“I remember the day vividly, I was eleven and I was asked by my mum if I wanted to watch this documentary on television which was actually the first live televised post mortem examination.

“I was completely fascinated with the anatomical processes and afterward, I knew there and then that’s what I wanted to do when I grew up. My mum couldn’t believe it.” said Alexandria.

If you’re not sure what a post mortem examination is, it basically determines two things – how someone has died and if there are any suggestions of third-party involvement in their death.

It’s normally carried out by the anatomical pathology technologist (who is Alexandria in this case) and the pathologist, who will look over the identification and circumstance of the death and complete an external examination of the patient like documenting injuries, scarring, medical intervention, etc.

After watching a live post mortem on TV, Alexandria knew it was her dream job
After watching a live post mortem on TV, Alexandria knew it was her dream job

Once both the pathologist and the anatomical pathology technologist are happy with their findings, it’s time to eviscerate the patient – which means remove all the organs and look for any abnormal findings.

Alexandria said: “Once I have removed everything, it is then up to the pathologist to dissect the organs and conclude a cause of death. Everything then gets placed back into the patient and they are carefully reconstructed and washed down by myself, then placed into clean linen and back into the fridge.”




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