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National Security used to shield ‘shady deals’ in Ghana – Toobu replies Bryan Acheampong

Member of Parliament for Wa West Hon. Peter Toobu has said that if National Security becomes a tool to cover up of accountability, then Ghana has no future.

His comments come on the back of Member of Parliament (MP) for Mpraeso Bryan Acheampong’s claims that information on the President’s travels should be kept as top security for National Security purposes.

“My advice to the National Security Minister is that he should reclassify the President’s travels; the present and past, from confidential to secret or top secret. We have to be sensitive.”

“If the President decides that he needs to make a quick trip to Mali, even if he decides to go with the presidential flight, using flight tracker, you will know this is the tail number of Ghana’s presidential flight, and you are able to track it. Is that how you want to expose our President?” he quizzed.

“We cannot play politics about it and make this a pedestrian issue; that is very elementary and basic,” he said.

But speaking to Accra-based Kessben TV,Hon. Peter Toobu indicated that it’s worrying for the government to use National Security to cover up for accountability to the people of Ghana whose taxes are used to sponsor the President’s travels.

“If National Security will be used to cover up for accountability then the nation has no future. What cannot be discussed or made public when the President travels is his itinerary but for monies, Ghanaians have paid to the government for development used by the President for his expensive travels, it cannot be top secret.”





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