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Osabarima Adu Darko III Remains Legitimate Chief of Asamankese – Okyenhene

The Okyenhene has called on the Inspector-General of Police to with immediate effect restore normalcy and halt the restive situation at Asamankese.

This comes upon receipt of disturbing reports that the chief of Aworasa, Barima Pobi Asomani II, has organized thugs and hoodlums to raid, seize and occupy the Asamankese palace.

It is alleged that an unauthorized ceremony was held in the wee hours of December 20th, 2021 to purportedly install Barima Pobi Asomani II as Chief of Asamankese under the supervision and misdirection of Barima Pobi Asomani, the chief of Kwaaman.

The Osagyefuo wishes to state unequivocally that:

1) Osabarima Adu Darko III remains the legitimate Chief of Asamankese.
2) That the purported installation of Barima Pobi Asomani II, is unlawful, irregular, uncustomary, being an aberration of Akyem Abuakwa custom and therefore null, void, and of no effect.

Find attached the full statement



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