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People must stop complaining about tax increment – Nhyiaeso MP

The Member of Parliament for Nhyiaeso, Dr. Stephen Amoah, has criticised the appeal for tax reduction by citizens.

His comment comes after some increase in levies on  petroleum prices in the country.

According to him, persons calling for tax reduction are suffering from “unconscious incompetence” and are displaying “intellectual dishonesty”.

He attributed the increment in taxes to the adverse effects of Covid-19 which clamped down the economy of Ghana.

He said the reduction of taxes by the citizens was unwarranted because government must ensure the welfare of the citizens despite the economic challenges.

Everything has been destroyed due to the Covid-19 which affected the world for 19 months…because of that, we couldn’t take taxes and even increase the taxes. Government also have statutory obligations like the interests rates, taking care of school children, roads, electricity which can’t be neglected. We have borrowed money because of Covid-19 and we also have to work. How can the government promote development in the country if you charge us to decrease taxes and stop borrowing money, he said on Hello FM, a Twi-based radio station.

Speaking on the national debt, the Nhyiaeso MP indicated that the government had no choice but to borrow money in order to save the lives of the citizens and the country due to the impact of Covid-19.

It is not the government’s will to borrow money. We didn’t have money because we were on lockdown, nobody was working, meanwhile we were providing food, paying national debts, building hospitals, so do you expect the government to watch its citizens die when it can borrow money? he added in Twi.

Dr. Stephen Amoah said the taxes collected by the government are effectively utilised by the government to improve the standard of living in the country.

He has advised Ghanaians not to expect infrastructural projects and development in the country if they decline to pay taxes.






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