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Police refuse to investigate allegations of police corruption in Kaaka’s murder – Family

The family of deceased activist, Ibrahim Mohammed, popularly known as Kaaka, says the Ghana Police Service has refused to investigate allegations of bribery and corruption levelled against the Ejura Police in the case of their son’s murder.

The allegations which were levelled against the Ejura Police by one Aminu Mohammed were brought to the attention of the Police by the mother of Kaaka.

“The mother of Kaaka first filed the same complaint at the Ejura Police Station. The Ejura Police, for its part, informed the complainant that they had no interest in pursuing the matter,” the statement from the family read.

However, after filing a petition concerning the allegation to the Police Intelligence & Professional Standard Bureau (PIPS), the family says PIPS “decided that it does not have the power to investigate allegations of bribery and corruption that were made against the Ejura Police.”

According to the family, the facts underlying the complaint to PIPS were that statements made during the hearings of the Committee point to the fact that the Ejura Police solicited bribes to arrest, detain and release a suspect.

The statements raised several allegations of police misconduct and criminal conduct contrary to the Criminal Offences Act, 1960, (Act 29), including false imprisonment of a citizen of Ghana, with the intention to teach the person a lesson; and corruption of a Police officer.

The mother of Kaaka considered that the allegations raised critical questions about the integrity of the Ghana Police Service.

As a result, she brought the complaint to demand that the Police Service should open appropriate investigations to determine the veracity of the allegations and the appropriate criminal and administrative sanctions that may lie.

“According to the Panel, even though the facts complained of concerned Police misconduct, they have no authority to investigate it. In their view, the complainant should either direct her petition to the defunct Ejura Committee or go to the Court if she wants,” the family’s statement read.

The family of Kaaka has expressed their shock and disappointment at the stance of the Ghana Police Service, questioning its duty to enforce the rule of law.

“Its actions do not reflect that of an institution committed to truth, justice and accountability,” it stated.

“To who do poor citizens turn to when those with power wield it to frustrate the rule of law and justice?” the family asked in conclusion.





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