President John Dramani Mahama Is A Disgrace To Ghanaians- Akua Donkoh


The founder of the Ghana Freedom Party ( GFP) madam Akua Donkoh has said that  ex president Mahama is a disgrace to the NDC party and Ghanaians at large. She said this in an interview with Dofopa FM.

According to her, Mahama never fulfills his promises and he is a nobody. “All he knows is to spend monies which do not belong to him” she added. Since Kwame Nkrumah’s time, no one has ever brought disgrace to our country like John Mahama .

She added that, how can one person be Deputy Minister, Assembly Man and President at the same time? This is greediness. He wants to come back to power and he will never win this election because Ghanaians will never vote for him.

Dofopa fm 105.1 / Accra

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