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Prophet Opambour Kneels and Complain About The New Taxes (Video)

Many Ghanaians have expressed their displeasure towards the new E-Levy that will soon be imposed on Mobile Money transactions.

Prophet Opambour who is the founder of Ebenezer Miracle Worship Center has also taken to his church service which is broadcast on television and on YouTube to complain about the new taxes.

The video shows him complaining. He was spotted kneeling as he discussed with the translator of his the impact and suffering it will bring on some Ghanaians.

“What Will the Mother of an Unemployed Child Do” – Opambour Sympathizes

Opambour sympathized by giving an instance that many Ghanaians are finding themselves he. He stated that now, most mothers would strive to carry out menial jobs so they give their children the best education they can afford.

At the end of the day due to unemployment, the child has no job to do but stay at home with her. He adds that the new tax being introduced would increase the burden which was already on Ghanaians especially those who have low incomes.

He then begged the question of whether Ghana as a whole was moving forward or backward.


“Stop Looking At Me With Your Ugly Face”

Opambour discussing such a sad matter would be the last thing that would cause laughter. However, as he was complaining to his apprentice/translator he found fault in his apprentice staring at him too much. He then asked his apprentice to look away and trolled him by stating his apprentice’s face was not pleasant to look at.


Video below


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