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Race Course Traders Threaten ‘Do Or Die’ Clash With Kma Officials In Kumasi

Some traders in Race course are ready to clash with Kumasi metropolitan Assembly (KMA) officials for stopping them to trade in market which was given to them. The same market have been released to a different crop of traders to take over.

They narrated their side of the story about the Genesis of how they occupied the race course market. They indicated that the land was given to them by one of the sister’s of the opinion leaders in the region.

What they highlighted was since they settled on the land to trade peace have never pass through their nostrils, they have encountered series of fracas or misunderstanding between them and the KMA officials.

What they pointed out clearly was that a reliable source hinted them that the KMA officials have taken monies from some traders to come and occupied their market, this is alleged.

The intelligence signal they picked, made them to take a swift action to safe guard the market last week Sunday.

According them they won’t sit down aloof for KMA officials to make a U turn after evacuating them from the market and gives it to a different crop of traders to come and trade at the same market.

By an unconfirmed report gathered from the race course market today the KMA officials and some security operatives went to the market place, and some of the traders clashed with them, as the result of the clashed one woman among the traders got injured, and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The trader’s PRO Mr.Kwaku Akowuah said that they have invested in the race course market by using their own money to tide and clean the place to turn to a market standard.

He emphatically said that they covert the abandoned land at the race course to become a trading market.

Per his point of view they are ready to mobilized over thousands of their traders to clash with the new crop of traders and the KMA officials who have taken the market which belongs to them, and handle over their place to a different set of traders.

They said they are not ready to leave the market for anyone, that’s where they trade to feed their family members.

Besides that the KMA officials have not replaced them to any place to used as market.


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