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Rev. Andrew Campell outdoors book titled The Lepers’ Priest

A book that highlights the life, priestly mission, social interventions and other national duties of Rev. Father Andrew Campbell has been launched in Accra titled ‘The Lepers’ Priest’.

The six chapter book tells the story of Rev Father Andrew Campbell, his selfless service to Ghana and humanity over the past 50 years since he came to the shores of the country.

Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia who wrote the foreword to the book said the story and life of Rev. Father Campbell is a wakeup call stressing that anyone with a humanitarian instinct should own a copy of the book.

He said through Rev. Father Campbell’s works there has been an improvement in the fight against leprosy in Ghana.

Rev. Father Campbell is well known for his humanitarian works and his love for the vulnerable in society which urged him on to set up the Lepers Aid Committee popularly known as the Weija Leprosarium and the Christ The King Soup Kitchen.

The book, ‘The Lepers’ Priest’ catalogs the life, priestly mission, social interventions, benevolence and other national duties of Reverend Father Campbell.

The book has six chapters and each chapter delves into Rev. Father Campbell’s 50 years in Ghana. Vice President Bawumia intimated that Rev Father Campbell over the past decades has provided spiritual guidance and benevolence to many.

Vice President Bawumia who wrote the foreword of the book said Rev. Father Campbell’s work teaches that, ”anyone can elevate humanity, throw light in dark corners to build communities and together develop the country”.

The author of ‘The Lepers’ Priest’, Maria Kuusaana said she was motivated by the selfless acts of Rev. Father Campbell. He described him as ”everybody’s Priest”.

The Vice President purchased 10 copies of the book for GHC 50,000.



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