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Sacking employees who misbehave not my style – Dr Agyekum Addo

Founder of the Kama Group of Companies, Dr Micheal Agyekum Addo, has said that terminating the contract of employees who engage in embezzlement of funds or bad behaviour is not an aspect of his organizational culture.

According to him, as time elapses, such employees will leave at their own accord as the ramifications of their behaviour will render them uncomfortable to leave the organisation.

The Kama Group founder speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show explained, “another thing which is so unique with my style is the fact that if you steal if you misbehave, I never sack anybody.”

“…I know that it is the philosophy of so many people; that the moment they find that you are stealing, you have embezzled, they sack you, I don’t sack but others sack,” he explained.

He added that, “I know that the longest that such people stay in my business is three weeks. They feel so uncomfortable that they leave themselves. Why don’t I sack? I don’t sack because they will misinterpret and misinform the public that he didn’t do anything wrong and you just sacked him.”

But the entrepreneur and renowned pharmacist explained, “…But if you sack yourself, then you don’t need to come and tell me that you didn’t do anything wrong and I sacked you, no. But I will prove to you that you added zeros, you did not put the money in the bank. I won’t use you again for certain sensitive positions and certain businesses. So, you will be within the system and all the staff will know that you were a thief. You will not feel comfortable and you will leave yourself.”

The Kama Group of Companies Founder explained that this strategy which he has adopted has significantly contributed to the development and growth of his businesses which has earned his establishment a spot as a Club 100 company.

“So, these are some of the strategies that will make a company grow. For now, my company has grown so big and I am one of the members of the Ghana Club 100,” Dr Agyekum Addo concluded.



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