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Saudi Arabia blamed for unfurnished Bolga Hospital Clinical block

The Upper East Regional Minister Stephen Yakubu has given closure to why the new clinical block at the Bolgatanga Hospital has not been equipped to be operational.

Concerns have been raised from different quarters on why after several years the new clinical block at the Bolgatanga Hospital has still not been used.

But speaking to the media, Stephen Yakubu indicated that government is now looking for funding to ensure that the facility is furnished with the needed equipment to make it functional.

He indicated that although the government had secured funding from the Saudi Fund for Development they had withdrawn their support after agreements were signed with the in 2019 hence the delay.

“Concerning the hospital, I have also been following it. The Health Minister keeps telling me that the problem is that, the Saudi people are not interested in these logistics anymore. So, that USD 20 million that was secured in 2019, you know monies are secured sometime it takes certain processes and that process somewhere can be truncated and I think, that is what has happened,” he said.

He added that “My understanding is that the Ministry is trying very hard to get another sponsor so that they can then go through the procurement processes very quickly to get our logistics here so that we can open our hospital. Any time I go to Accra, I find time to go to the Ministry of Health just to fight for this hospital. So hopefully, very soon we will get money to do that”.


In September 2019, the Government of Ghana reportedly secured a US$20m concessional funding for the construction of additional facilities, supply and installation of medical equipment to the adjunct clinical block at the Bolgatanga Regional hospital in the Upper East Region.

At the signing of the agreement, Dr. Khalid S. Alkhudairy, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of the Saudi Fund for Development, who signed on behalf of the Fund said the fund was to help Ghana develop economically.

Dr. Alkhudairy said the Saudi Fund Development would be glad to join Ghana during ceremonies for the commissioning of the Bolgatanga Hospital.

However, following a long wait for the usage of the completed clinical blocks, concerns were raised over the undue delay in equipping the block.





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