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Some major roads in Accra to be temporally closed

Several major roads in Accra will be temporally closed on Tuesday, September 15, as ECOWAS leaders will be in town for a meeting at the Peduase Lodge in Aburi.

This visit of a delegation of at least eight countries coming in will impose some diplomatic obligation to Ghana including the flow of traffic through the street of Accra. .

Motor Traffic & Traffic Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service, Superintendent Sasu Mensah said, the closure of roads is to ensure a save and secured journey devoured of any traffic conjunctions.

He said it is to prevent unnecessary delays to facilitate the smooth passage of the participant to the meeting.

At a press briefing on Sunday, he announced a list of temporal road closures and areas that could experience traffic delays during the visit.

The Kotoka international airport to the liberation road at Opeibea.
The airport bypass to Giffard road through to the liberation road
Kempinski hotel to national theater on the Indepence avenue
The liberation road through to N4 to Peduase Lodge
The liberation road from 37 to Obasanjo street, Tang palace hotel
The independence avenue to Ako-Agyei.
He cautioned the general public to adhere to traffic rules and regulations.

“They are advice to respect all traffic rules and regulation, no account should a vehicle follow an approach convey”.

“Motorist should pack on the right when they see the convey approaching, any inconvenient course will be deeply regretted as the road traffic”, he added.

The general public is also advised to pay heed to the closure of roads and use other alternatives before embarking on their journey to avoid any delays and discomfort.







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