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Someone stole the video from my phone, I’ve had it for over 1 year – Nigel Gaisie’s slay queen ‘girl’ breaks silence

The girl at the center of the Nigel Gaisie bedroom brouhaha, Akosua Vendetta, has spoken and cleared the air.

According to her, Nigel Gaisie is truly her uncle as he said and she took the video in question in his office over a year ago.

Vendetta, who has a TikTok channel where she lives the proper slay queen life, said she had the video on her phone and never posted it.

She claims she has no idea how it was leaked to the public.

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the official prophet of the Kingdom of Umuofia, was caught in a scandal just a few days after his 31st-night shenanigans.

After fearfully refusing to give specific prophecies out of fear of the IGP, Gaisie was heavily trolled.

He was trolled some more after a video of him in bed with a young slay queen popped up online.

The video showed Gaisie, shirtless, lying in bed with the girl as they goofed around.

The girl was identified as one TikTok user who posts raunchy videos and other videos showing her abusing hard drugs.

Gaisie quickly came out to rubbish the video and said the girl is his niece – the daughter of his ‘blood’ sister.

In a new video, the girl was brought out to give her side of the story.

She apologized for any issues she might have caused her uncle and asked Ghanaians not to abandon his church.

Watch below…



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