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The Npp finally trap their decade target journalist / vlogger ‘Kelvin Taylor’–Opinion.

Many of us interested in politics and policies that is, we the political activists or journalists (bloggers) know what happens when you mention the word ‘Kelvin Taylor’ in Ghana.

Kelvin Taylor is a US based Ghanaian who works as a journalist (vlogger) in the United State. To be precise, Kelvin Taylor is known for his political affiliations or support for the National Democratic Congress the (NDC’s).

He is the C.E.O of the loudsilence media in the US. He has been an influential and controversial person for the past years with his platform the ‘loudsilence media’. Kelvin seems to have the youths by his side due to his works of exposé.

He is known by his exposés of prominent personalities in Ghana but more especially personalities in the New Patriotic Party the(NPP).

After all his achievements or records, some Ghanaians in Ghana and even outside still don’t know him. This triggers for the plenty introductions above. I therefore decided to make enough introductions to entice and educate the readers.

The reports say the Hon. Member of parliament for Assin central constituency Hon. Kennedy Agyapong sues the controversial journalist (vlogger) for his various defamatory comments about him.

But for my opinion the NPP’s have waited for this moment for long. Kelvin Taylor seemed untouchable in the US, exposing corrupt officials in government. I think the NPP’s have final gotten his weak point.

Most Npp Member will rejoice for the good news they are hearing. And I strongly know most members will wish for his arrest and imprisonment.

Some of the NDC members say, he is not been sued for any defamatory but a deliberate attempt to arrest and imprison a long targeted threat of the New Patriotic Party the (NPP).

But for me, Kelvin Taylor has been making the incumbent government, the president of Ghana and other dignitaries unpopular with his vlogging.


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