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The secret behind my refusal to sell my BMW X5 to a younger Banker – Kofi Amoabeng

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) for the defunct UT Bank has disclosed that he refused sell his BMW X5 to a Banker who wanted to buy it.

According to him, he denied the 38 years old man the opportunity to buy the car because as a Banker, his salary could not maintain the car.

He indicated that even with the amount at which the young man wanted to buy the car, he thought there was something wrong because the salary of a banker could not afford such luxury.

“I was selling my X5 and a young man approached me and said he wanted to buy it, he offered a price and I asked him where he works and he said he is a banker. So I asked him how he intends to buy and service the car. I told him I won’t sell the car to him, and told him he is engaged in thievery so he should stop.

Because a Bank Staff cannot buy an X5 and maintain it. Something is wrong somewhere, I didn’t sell it to him, I sold it for less. If at 38 you want to drive an X5 what will you be driving when you turn 60?” he quizzed while speaking in an interview on Accra-based Peace FM.

Kofi Amoabeng indicated that what he does it to advise young people on how to prudently manage their finances saying “I tell the young people the path they are taking is not good for them. A lot of people came for loans and I told them I won’t give them. It’s not because they couldn’t pay but because it won’t help them”.

He said when he was running the UT Bank, people who came for loans had to convince him that they deserved the loan and that they can pay back to the bank when the time is due.





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