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TV3 Eats Humble Pie; Admits Misleading Story About Agric Minister

TV3 has admitted it erred in broadcasting a misleading offensive and defamatory story about the Minister for Food and Agriculture, Hon. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto. 

The Head of Legal for the station, Sena Edekor has responded to request by the lawyers for the Minister for the station to retract the publication in not less than two publications on their tv station and also render an unqualified and unreserved apology within 3 days. 

A portion of the letter from the media house reads : “Kindly note that, since we wish to settle this matter as soon as possible we have decided to publish the apology and retraction on Business Focus at 6pm on the 26th of July where the original material was aired and streamed on our Facebook channel and our Midday Live bulletin on Tuesday 27th July 2020. We hope this brings to finality matters between the parties.” 

TV3 Eats Humble Pie; Admits Misleading Story About Agric Minister

TV3, a local television station in Ghana is in trouble over a false report they “deliberately” put out concerning Hon. Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, Minister for Food and Agriculture.   

Lawyers for the Minister, Davies and Davis have swiftly acted and demanded that the station apologies on their platform and retract for making a false claim that the minister had said that: “In the North some of these smugglers load fertilizer on donkeys. These animals are able to enter Burkina Faso unaided, to deliver the fertilizer. I was there: I saw some of these things, but I can’t question the donkeys”. 

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A copy of the letter which was copied to, describes the publication by the television network as “misleading, offensive and defamatory”. 

Aside the comments put out by the station being baseless and distant from the truth, lawyers for the Minister hinted that the station also failed to investigate the report before airing it.  

The report by TV3, has “incalculably injured” Dr. Owusu Afriyie Akoto’s reputation in the eyes of right-thinking members of society the statement adds. 

TV3 In Trouble Over False Publication About Agric Minister


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