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‘Uganda’s’ second Special Prosecutor will also resign – Nigel Gaisie’s evasive prophecy about Agyebeng

The leader of the Prophetic Hill Chapel, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has hinted of an imminent resignation of Ghana’s second Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyegeng.

Albeit evasive about his prophecies for the year 2022 during his 2021 end-of-year watch night service, the controversial prophet alluded that the special prosecutor will resign in a manner similar to his predecessor due to government interference.

“The Lord carried my spirit to a place called Uganda and I saw in Uganda that the Special Prosecutor, the second one will also resign. In Uganda, there was a first Special Prosecutor who resigned and I am seeing another Special Prosecutor who will also resign because the system will not help,” he stated.

Ahead of the 2021 watch night, the Ghana police service issued a directive against prophecies that could potentially lead to “fear and panic.”

In a seeming strategy to beat the police, Prophet Nigel before dropping his prophecies for the new year issued a disclaimer saying his prophecies were not specific to Ghana. He delivered his prophecies with reference to various places including a pseudo country he called “Umuofia.”

Strikingly, however, were the similarities between details about the nation of Umuofia and Ghana as disclosed in his prophecies.

From names of individuals, regions, towns, institutions, political parties and elections, Prophet Nigel Gaisie delivered dozens of prophecies about the nation of Umuofia with details that directly point to Ghana. He also prophesied about other foreign countries.

“I saw a heavy cloud like the cloud of darkness covering the Head of State of Umuofia. Let’s take this prophecy very seriously, I saw a cloud of darkness covering the Head of State of Umuofia. I saw that his deputy is using mediums to trigger the quick passing away of the head of state. I saw in the realm of the spirit that the shoe of the big man is being worn by the deputy. I saw in the nation of Umuofia that something that has happened there is about to reoccur again,” he stated for one of his prophecies.


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