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Video: 15 Year Old Girl Narrates How A Guy Gave Her GH¢1 To Chop Her

As she searches for her mother’s whereabouts, a 15-year-old girl has described her tragic experience after a man who used to give her GH¢1 got her pregnant

The young JHS female student in an interview with Oyerepa Afutuo Host, Ante Naa to look for her mother, whom she has never seen since she was born, after her father’s sister, who has cared for her since infancy, refused to stay with her after giving birth, preferring to leave and stay with the young boy’s parents.

The little girl’s Auntie stated that their daughter had the courage to sleep with the man in the mothers’ room and became pregnant.

Regardless, the woman gave her the option of staying calm and staying with her but not seeing the boy after she gave birth, or leaving the lady’s house to experience the freedom of seeing the boy. However, the 15-year-old girl elected to leave the woman’s home.

“He used to give me GH¢1 when my mother’s GH¢2 was insufficient, which is why I slept with him. We did it in my mother’s house,’ where he had come to see me.

We slept together once, and I became pregnant “, the panelists were assured by the young girl. She pleaded with her father’s sister, though, to forgive her and return her because she was unable to care for herself and her newborn baby.

Watch The Video Below:


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