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Video+Audio: Prison Officers Insert Their Hands In Our Anus-Inmate Alleges

An inmate from Jamestown has alleged that most of the prison officers in Ghana Prisons have been inserting their fingers in their anus during searching

An inmate whose name was only given as Platiny has labeled allegations against the Ghana Prisons Service for inserting their hands in the anus of Prisoners after getting monies from the street when asked to go out and work

According to Platiny, the Prison officers after escorting them out to work on the street of which they sometimes beg money from Ghanaians are mostly taking from them by the officers

He said the officers insert their hands in the inmates anus to remove whatever that has been hidden there.

“One officer is a gatekeeper, I want to mention his name so that everybody will know him but since you said I shouldn’t mention I won’t, he uses rubber gloves, the one used at the hospitals and asked me to bend down so that he inserts his hands in my anus but I refuse because I told them I’m not a gay. I was forced and brutalized but the prison officers and they succeeded by inserting their hands there”

However, he alleges that, the same officer will use his finger on all the prisoners instantly in search of money from their anus without washing their hands before going to another person to insert again

“The glove that was used to finger my anus is the same gloves that will be used for another person. They have inserted their hands my anus to the extent that I sometimes feel pains when I visit the lavatory”

He alleges that some of the prison officers have been smuggling weed, tramadol, cocaine, cigarrete into the prison yard to sell to the inmates.

Listen to the audio below





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