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Villagers beat 5 suspected armed robbers to [email protected] in the Ashanti Region

Villagers beat 5 suspected armed robbers to [email protected] in the Ashanti Region despite efforts by the police to reduce instant justice.

The suspected robbers were beaten to death by residents in Anyinawusu and Kotokuom in Antwi Mponua of the Ashanti region.

Residents and neighbors were reportedly plagued by the robbers after theft on the highway five days prior, according to sources.


Since that occurrence, the neighborhood has been on high alert, believing that the thieves could not have escaped through the forest which surrounded them.

The report further added that because those who had been attacked had informed them that the armed robbers were hiding in a nearby thicket, the volunteers decided to approach and interview anyone in their neighborhood who appeared to be disoriented.

The volunteers in Anyinawusu later spotted six men on a single motorcycle and approached them. They took the guests to their Palace since they didn’t seem to be offering definite answers throughout the questioning.

The suspected robbers were identified by two drivers who were robbed and they faced instant mob justice.


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