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Watch Captain Smart mimic how Ghanaian politicians behave after elections

A feature of Captain Smart’s performance on his Onua TV morning has been the dramatization or characterization of persons or issues.

Unlike the usual morning show programs where hosts take their seats and moderate discussions, Captain Smart has adopted a more unconventional way of dealing with news stories with drama being an integral feature of it.

A segment of the Tuesday, December 14 edition of his Onua Maakye show commenced with Captain Smart not in camera.

While his voice could be heard audibly, he did not appear on the screen and was ‘firing’ from his ‘hideout.

According to Captain Smart, he was emulating the conduct of Ghanaian politicians who come outskirts of the capital.

Captain Smart said that when such politicians are in need of votes, they descend to the villages and embark on vigorous campaign but once they win, their voices are only heard on radio.

He later appeared on the show and mimicked them more with criticism of how they are not candid with Ghanaian voters.

Watch the video from the 1st to fifth minute



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