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Wromanso: The town where one teacher teaches six classes in dilapidated classrooms

Residents of Wromanso, a community in the Amansie Central Distrit of the Ashanti Region  have called on the government to help fix their primary school and road networks in the area.

According to them, the deplorable state of their roads and school in the community could force the people to boycott any political activity in the near future.

Nana Kwaku Obidiaba ll, chief of Wromanso community told the media, that inspite of several petitions to the Amansie Central District Assembly, the school and road remained unattended to.

He said the only school in the community have become a death trap, forcing students to abandon their studies, especially during raining seasons.

Interestingly, the community have not received any form of support despite writing several letters to the District Assembly despite requesting through several epistles that the district assist them repair the school with the 4000 blocks which the community have already secured.

Some drivers who spoke to the media said the muddy nature of the roads particularly when it rains make it difficult for them to convey passengers and goods to their destinations in the area.

They added their voice to the call on government and the District Assembly to fix the school and road to ease the burden of the people.

“Because of the bad shape school, some of the teachers have either refused posting to the school or lobbied for transfer from the town to the city…we currently have only one teacher left…,” a resident said.

The Assembly member for Fahiakobo/Abubuasin/ Wromanso and Fawoman Electoral Area in Amansie Central, Emmanuel Boadu who spoke to Angel FM’s Bismark Mensah also appealed for support stating that the electoral area has a lot of challenges, like school project, bad road network, light and others.

He also stated that several letters sent to the DCE and MP for help haave not been replied.

“I therefore appeal to the government to upgrade the educational infrastructure in the community because only one out of the six teachers posted to the Wromanso primary school is left…the rest have all left the school but they say they cannot stay in a town like this…,” he said.


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