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You ‘Booze’ too much reason Akufo-Addo made you GIHOC Boss – Mugabe to Kofi Jumah

Broadcaster Mugabe Maase has said that President Akufo-Addo appointed Hon. Maxwell Kofi Jumah as Managing Director of the Ghana Industrial Holding Corporation (GIHOC) Managing because he loves ‘booze’.

According to him, for a man of Kofi Jumah’s statureand his previous working experiences as Mayor of Kumasi and occupying other Ministerial portfolios, he deserved a better appointment than an appointment to head a brewery.

To him, the appointment was a way to sideline Kofi Jumah and make him irrelevant in the political space.

“Kofi Jumah they say he likes alcohol so he should go to GIHOC. Kofi Jumah, a true son of the Ashanti land who has been KMA Boss, served as a Deputy Local Government Minister under Kufour, if Nana Addo will give him a position, GIHOC? Herb Afrtik, Madingo. Because Kofi Jumah is from Antoa the President appointed him to GIHOC to manage the Schnapp which is used for cursing people.”

He also expressed shock that the only appointment given to Sam Pyne after working hard to bring the NPP to power was being appointed a board member of the Kumasi Abbatoir where he is entitled to GHC 200 allowance per sitting and a weekly supply of meat.

“Some one like Sam Pyne whois the son of the Ashanti region has worked and served the NPP. So is it a board member at the Kumasi Abattoir which should be given to someone of hos calibre. Then a goat has been appointed at Ghana Gas. Even Abronye is more important than Sam Pyne. When you go to Cape Coast, Duncan was their Secretary but today he’s a regional Minister. So what’s the crime of Sam Pyne? Can’t he be appointed a Minister or even be made to serve on a better board? They say he like meat so he should serve on the board of the Abattoir.”







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