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You Can’t Sit In Your Room And Order Disabled People To Stop Their Work – Tolls Manager Charges

The Toll Manager in Aboase in the Ashanti region has expressed his disappointment in how the closure of the various toll boots was done. He mentioned that what was mentioned in the budget was that the Toll will be taken away or scrapped from the system after the budget has been accepted by Parliament.

But when he returned to work this morning the collectors told him the news is all over the place that all toll booths must be shut down.

So they closed have closed all toll booths in the area. To him, the immediate shutting down of toll booths in the country came as a surprise. He justified his claims by saying that we are in a country of laws and whenever a budget is presented it has to go through the finance committee in Parliament to be approved by the floor. There has not been any approval from the floor and now they have been asked to shut down tolls just like that.

To him, it does not make sense at all. He added that there is a law that backs tolls in the country therefore if there is going to be a change, then it should be done according to the law. One cannot sit in the comfort of his room and order them to close down tolls. It is a very bad decision. The tolls manager disclosed that the workers were not even engaged before this decision was taken.

In the budget, the finance minister said the workers at the toll booths were going to be reassigned but the workers were not even spoken to before about this decision to reassign them. Again, the manager disclosed that the workers have not even been paid since September and most of them are disabled persons. Now the Minister is asking these disabled people to stay at home without being paid and have nothing to do to survive.


Source: Operanews


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