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You won’t make it to heaven if you don’t give birth to a son – Luterodt

Controversial Counsellor Luterodt has indicated that any individual who does not have a male son will not make it to heaven.

He posits that having a son will be one of the surest bets to heaven because men continue their family lineages and not women.

“The continuation and procreation of a family is in the gene of a man.”

He indicated that women are chambers for carrying babies from men but men name children to help the continuation of their family lines therefore its imperative that more men are produced.

The Counsellor indicated that no man married to a woman older than her is enjoying his marriage.

“Marrying a woman older than you is a bad idea because you’ll lose your respect. She will never accord you the needed respect you deserve because you’ll now be like her son instead of the head of the house.”




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