I earn more than a minister in Ghana – Ghanaian mechanic in USA

AGhanaian man based in the USA believes he earns more than a minister in Ghana does

He says you can only make it abroad if you are hardworking

Ibrahim Mumuni says Ghana will be successful if its people are honest

A Ghanaian mechanic based in the United States of America has revealed that he is currently earning more as a mechanic in the aviation sector than a minister in Ghana.

According to Ibrahim Mumuni, though bills consume a lot of money in the U.S., one can succeed in the country by being hardworking.

In an interview on Kofi TV, Mr Mumuni who has been working with an airline company as a GSE Technician (fita) for the last 14 years, said “It’s hard here but you have to be hardworking to be able to take care of your family. You will be homeless if you don’t work hard. I earn a lot here, even more than a Ghanian Minister.”

Ibrahim, however, did not mention the exact amount he earns.

Speaking on Ghana, Ibrahim Mumuni noted that though he’s proud being a Ghanaian, the country will only succeed if the people are honest.

“I tried to open three businesses and the people I put in charge all disappointed me. I opened tyre repair shop but the person in charge spent all the money and closed it down. I also opened a big poultry farm with about 5,000 birds in my hometown and those in charge spent the money. I then bought a tractor for them to use for farming but when I went back in June it was spoilt.

“We’ve been trying to help home but the honesty is the problem. We’ve been trying to fix the country but if they don’t change how things work in Ghana, not even God can help us,” he added.



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