Christians must stop claiming people’s worth without working – Catechist

Mrs Barbara Asempa, Catechist of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), Redemption Congregation in Tema Community Nine, has cautioned Christian youth against claiming people’s worth with prayers without working towards getting their own.

Mrs Asempa said this on Palm Sunday when she preached on the topic, “Suffering for a purpose”, and charged the youth, “if you don’t work hard, you can’t make it. Stop claiming people’s cars and houses without work, it does not work like that”.

She said it was unfortunate that Christians of today only had the faith that Christianity was only about prosperity and instant miracles, saying, that was not what the Bible said as the scriptures proved that all the great people such as Abraham, Paul, Ruth, and the rest suffered before becoming achievers.

She noted that like a woman who goes through the pains of labour and rejoices upon seeing her baby without remembering the earlier ordeal, Christians must go out prepared to suffer for the Lord, and God would lift them up and make a way for them.

She urged Christians to allow themselves to pass through the needed difficulties if they wanted to reach the top.

Mrs Asempa said, just as gold is taken through painful and difficult processes to clean the impurities out of it and make it spackle and expensive, so must Christians like Christ, be prepared to go through such hardships.

“You cannot live this Christian life without going through fire, if you want to sparkle like gold, then go through the process gold goes through,” she emphasized.

She indicated that even though Christ was ushered into Jerusalem joyously, he knew the suffering ahead of him but chose to go through it nonetheless to ensure the eternity of mankind, therefore Christians must be prepared for the sufferings ahead and be willing to go through to secure their future.

Members of the Church on Palm Sunday joined Christians worldwide to mark the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem by singing of hosanna and waving of palm fronds.

The church auditorium was also decorated with weaved palm branches which welcomed worshippers and reminded them that the Easter celebrations had begun.

The Redemption Congregation will from Monday observed the Passion Week with evening church services to prepare them for the Good Friday and Easter services as Christians remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the pillar of the religion.

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