I didn’t ask Apremdo chiefs for land to bury my son – Mother of Kilo

The mother of Emmanuel Kwofie, a man who killed himself after murdering the mother of his girlfriend on Sunday, August 15, has hit back at Apremdo chiefs after rejecting the idea of burying the deceased body in the community.

The Chief of the area Nana Egya Kwamena XI, said it is impossible for them to accept such a person on their land due to the nature of death.

Speaking to Skyy News, the Chief explained that Emmanuel’s death is unnatural which has also brought disgrace to the land and not burying him in the town will serve as a deterrent to the youth not to indulge in the same act.

“I believe if this happens it will deter the youth from indulging in drug peddling, armed robbery which will bring discipline and sanity to the community.”

He made it known that the body can be taken to any cemetery in the city but not the one they have in Apremdo and they will be engaging the family to do a ritual and cleanse the land of any bad luck.

However, Madam Esther, the mother of Kilo in an interview with Skyy News said, she has not approached the chiefs to demand any land to bury his son and she only became aware of the chief’s decision when it was reported by Skyy Power 93.5FM.

Also, there has not been any official communication between her and the chief and will however accept any decision by the traditional council.

“I will know what to do if they tell me not to bury my son in the town,” she said.

Madam Esther also made it known she and her family were rejected when they decided to visit the family of the victim killed by her son.




Source: skyypowerfm

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