Sad As Epileptic Seizure Kills Man In A Deep Well

Neighbors of Stephen Oduro, popularly known as Watara at Ahinkofi in the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis of the Western Region were taken by surprise when they realized he has met his untimely death. The young man who is in his late thirties has been living in the community for many years and works as a mason.


Due to his good work and commitment, many people contract him to put but buildings for them. Unfortunately for Stephen Oduro, he is epileptic and whenever he has a seizure, life becomes very difficult. He is mostly attacked at the night and neighbors find it difficult to control his energy.

Sad As Epileptic Seizure Kills Man In A Deep Well 1



Stephen Oduro had a seizure and after a few hours, his neighbors were able to calm his situation down. He became stable and almost everyone in the house left for work. His friend, whose name has been given as Mensah was left in the house to monitor his situation but the unfortunate happened. Stephen Oduro had another seizure and unfortunately fell into a well in the house. Mensah started searching everywhere in the house for him but to no avail. He decided to go and fetch water in the well, it was at this moment he realized Stephen Oduro had already fallen into the well and died. Mensah who is an eyewitness tells BeaNana in an interview that he saw the lifeless body of his friend floating in the well.

Sad As Epileptic Seizure Kills Man In A Deep Well 1

Police and personnel from the Ghana National Fire Service were invited to the scene to retrieve the body of Stephen Oduro from the Well. They dropped a long rope into the well and pulled out the body which has since been deposited at the mortuary awaiting autopsy and investigations.

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The family of the late Stephen Oduro has not been traced. It is believed that he traveled to the place to work and his neighbors barely know anything about his family. They have contacted his girlfriend to assist in tracing his parents as soon as possible for the necessary funeral rites to be performed.

Sad As Epileptic Seizure Kills Man In A Deep Well 4

The area where the well is situated has been cordoned off. Police and Fire Service have warned residents to stay away from the well since it has been contaminated.

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