Gifty Osei descends on Cecilia Marfo for telling Joyce blessing to go back to her husband.

Gospel musician Gifty Osei now Gifty Adorye has slammed her colleague Cecilia Marfo following her comment to Joyce Blessing a few days ago.

It would be remembered that Joyce Blessing during a song ministration got the shock in her life when out of nowhere, Cecilia Marfo snatched the microphone and told her straight to her face to go back to her husband.

The move by Cecilia Marfo angered a lot of people who wondered why she would just shame Joyce Blessing in public.

According to them, if Cecilia Marfo had anything to say to Joyce, she could have called her privatly and told her but not what she did.

Well, Empress Gifty has also in a video taken swipe at Cecilia Marfo asking which audacity she has to talk about someoone’s marriage

She in the video questioned if marriage is now the basis on which people would make it into the kingdom of God because she doesn’t understand why people would take marriages personal.

Gifty went on to say today Cecilia Marfo is enjoying her marriage and thinks she has the authority and capacity to ask someone to go back to her marriage without knowing what is happening in the marriage.

The Gospel songstress slammed Ghanaians of not been able to speak up when Cecilia Marfo started her nonsence by slapping Brother Sammy and spitting into people’s mouth all in the name of spiritual directions.

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