HOT Fork: FREE SHS girl praises boyfriend for using his SMALL d!.čk to shift her womb – WATCH


The future of this country called Ghana doesn’t look promising considering the fact that young boys and girls in our Senior High school know no shame.

They have tried their possible best to eradicate or better still do away with all the good moral values including chastity from their lives and the only thing left for them do to is to master the   art of s.e.kx.

Sad enough, they are the very people President Akufo Addo is spending taxpayer’s money on them in the name of FREE SHS. Ah well, let me close my mouth err 🤣  🤣

Back to the subject matter, The BBC Ghana has intercepted a footage which captures a young lady believed to be in Senior High School (SHS) praising her boyfriend who has a small d!.čk or manhood but his the small d!.čk can do a lot of a magic.

Listen to the TAPE below: