Hot News: Maame Ng3g3 asked me to use her son for blοοd money – Komfo Agradaa

Another MzBel, Afia Schwar saga has hit Ghana social media space as good friends Komfo Agradaa and Maame Ng3g3 have turned enemies.

Similar to that of Afia Schwar and MzBel, there’s a male mutual friend involved, Amankrado.

When loud friends suddenly become enemies, allegations and counter allegations flying round is a must.

Komfo Agradaa, the celebrity petish priest has accused her former friend Maame Ng3g3 of requesting for her famous money ritual known as ‘Sika Gari’.

She explained that when Maame Ng3g3 made the request she answered beer by saying she doesn’t do the Sika Gari rituals for friends and loved ones.


Then Maame Ng3g3 asked what about blοοd money because she would want to use one of her sons.


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