Lady mistakenly uploaded her private video on social media

Private video seems to be a societal canker that has come to dwell with us especially the people of Ghana.

Its comes in different form in one way or the other. Its no more a surprise when such videos pops up and circulate across the various media centers.


Shame is no more a regarded word to the youth of these days. Lɛakked videos and $ɛx tapes seems to be their new life and trend which almost all of them are following.

The latest video shows a girl who recorded her ‘property’ in the name of love to send the video to her boyfriend and mistakenly pops up on social media.

We would have loved to upload the video for our cherished readers but it’s against our policies.

But the reality is that this video is not really hard to find since it began trending on all the social media platforms. Just log on and you will find it with ease…wink

Better still Click HERE to watch


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