Man forced to drink deadly substance he sells to customers as alcoholic drink

A video that captures a young man under coercion to have a taste of his own corrosive substance he’s been selling to unsuspecting customers as an alcoholic drink has gone viral on social media.

From what we gather, persons who consumed the supposed alcoholic beverage fell sick with complications from the product.

The nefarious activity of the man sparked outrage among the youth of a Ga community in Accra who decided to teach him a lesson.

A group of irate men consequently laid in ambush and pounced on the young man while going about his usual business.

In the video, the man is being interrogated and forced to drink the merchandise but he was reluctant because he knew very well the content in his bottles.

To demonstrate the side effect of the corrosive drink on the body, samples of the drink were poured on takeaway packs, and instantly they melted beyond recognition.

While some members of the group were peeved and bent on lynching the young man, others tried to restore calm and handle the matter courteously.

The man was later handed over to the police for further actions.




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