Photo: Student Smooches His Girlfriend During Online Classes, Nigerians React

A young man from Nigeria has caused a stir online after he was seen in a video cuddling and subtly romancing his girlfriend while an online class was in session.

The post which was shared by Twitter user @Odeyemi_olayem has gone viral as people try to wrap their heads around the lackadaisical attitude of the student who was meant to be fully focused on the online lecture, decide to cuddle his girlfriend while the class was live.

Odeyemi shared a screenshot of the student identified as Moses Adeolu who totally looked out of sort as his girlfriend rested her head on his chest while he was semi-naked.

She posted the photo with the caption; ”Online class is really something else in Nigeria.”



See some of the interesting comments that trailed the post;

Reacting, @Toheeb_Akofe wrote; He dey chop life before life go chop him.

@IsaOpulent; As lecturer dey teach him theory he dey do the practical for house.

@seyi_moneygram; As one dey make ur head hot, another go dey cool ur body

@oluwadavenchi; Biology teacher; what is reproduction

Student; make I show you practical

@Aremupokipoki1 said; If lecturer fail this one now then go say lecturer wicked

@OlaminiyiB replied; assuming it is real, why lecturer go fail am? for having a girlfriend?

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