Slay queen jumps on her sugar daddy’s moving car after dumping her [Watch]

There was daylight drama after a slay queen jumped on her sugar daddy’s moving car when he allegedly dumped her.

The stubborn lady lay on the moving car’s bonnet, oblivious of the danger that she was exposing herself to.

Motorists and passersby who were plying the busy road in Buru Buru Phase 5 tried to plead with her to stop the drama but their plea fell on deaf ears.

The lady’s sponsor was forced to stop the car after the defiant lady refused to alight.

Those who witnessed the drama were perplexed after realizing that the man was a bit aged when he alighted from the car.

They expected to spot a young fashionable man since the lady who was causing drama was relatively young.

The video was shared on social media and it has sparked a lot of reactions.

Take a look :



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