Viral photo of free SHS students busily smoking ganja sparks controversy

The viral photo captures five boys suspected to be students from Mankesim Senior High School.

In the photo, four of them could be seen busily smoking a substance suspected to be marijuana while the fifth student could be seen sneezing a whitish substance suspected to be a narcotic drug.

The increasing indiscipline among Senior High School students in recent times has become a worrying phenomenon. We have seen videos of students seriously twerking and engaging in all forms of indecent exposure in the past few years. To the extent that a student could take a phone and record himself, insulting no mean a person than the president of this country speaks loudly about the deteriorating levels of indiscipline in our second cycle institutions in recent times.

As shown in the picture below, these students were in uniform, as such, they are expected to be in class learning or their various places of residence if they had closed from school. On the contrary, they were busily engaged in illegal activities.

Reacting to the picture, some social media users are of the view that the double track system is to blame.

Obviously, there is an urgent need for the relevant authorities to strengthen disciplinary measures and moral education in the schools, in order to mitigate this phenomenon among our young brothers and sisters. They represent the future of this country, therefore, they must be protected from engaging in illegal activities as a substance abuse that could ruin their lives.

See the picture below.

Viral photo of free SHS students busily smoking ganja sparks controversy 1

Mr Riddims

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