Yawa: Slay queen in high heels falls while shaking her heavy backside in video

A viral video that evokes a mixed feeling of pain and undesirable laughter has emerged of a curvaceous lady tripping and falling just after twerking seductively to an unseen crowd.

Although details of neither the lady nor the event did not accompany the video, the clip is making the rounds on social media.

In the video sighted by, the beautiful lady was filmed on stage seductively gyrating in synchronising moves to a song.

Slay queen in high heels falls while shaking her heavy backside in a video. Image: The video also captures two young men who appear to be the disk jockeys for the event.

While the song they were playing remains unclear, the video shows the lady gleefully gyrating to the unseen crowd. The lady appears in the video donning a fitting dress that highlights her curves.

The video captures her inadvertently tripping and falling on the floor just after twerking, crushing overwhelming into a glass door behind the DJs.

Watch video below


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