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3.1 million Ghanaian internet users own cryptocurrency

17% of Ghanaian internet users, or an estimated 3.1 million adults, own cryptocurrency, according to’s latest Cryptocurrency Adoption Index. 

That’s above the global average of 15%, with Ghana ranking 9th out of the 27 countries surveyed in the study.

Cryptocurrency editor at, Keegan Francis, says some regions are adopting cryptocurrency much faster than others.

“Cryptocurrency ownership in Ghana is behind countries like Australia (23%), Indonesia (22%), and Nigeria (21%), but ahead of countries like Kenya (16%), South Africa (11%) and the United States (10%).

“Cryptocurrency adoption is typically high in Asian countries but lower in Europe and North America.

“Of the African countries surveyed, ownership is highest in Nigeria. Bitcoin is the most popular coin to hold among Ghanaians, followed by Dogecoin and then Ethereum.”


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