Lady Recounts How She Enjoys S3x With Ex Than Husband


A lady has shared her predicament with a social media counselor known as Abena via her social media handle so she can gain some advice on what to actually do.

Taking to the social media handle of Abena she wrote saying;

Hello Abena, keep up with the good works, kindly post me anonymous.

I have been married close to five years now, and unfortunately for me, I boldly say am being starve of good love making (sex). Am 30 and he is 45, we have 3 children.

My husband doesn’t satisfy me in anyway. He is a 2mins man. In our years of marriage, I can hardly count the number of times, I have enjoyed our intimacy, less to talk about being satisfied. I really love sex, but since we married it’s been starving upon starving. His touches, kisses, cuddling are so distasteful (bad), I don’t knw what do anymore

Before I got married I had this guy, that guy was super super great, every part of him sparks fire, ending that relationship for this man always make me shed tears.

I have talked to him, indicated the various parts that really arouses me but still, things are still the same. He just bores me when it comes to sex, bcos of this situation I have stopped initiating sex. I hardly give in when he wants it too cos I know it won’t get me anywhere

I sometimes give in cos I feel pity and sorry for him, if he feels am starving for long tym (getting 2months), then he starts nagging me until, out of pity I give in, cos of that I stop getting involved during sex, it ends nowhere for me.

I have never cheated on him, and I don’t plan to do so. The only thing thing I do, is to think about my ex and the amazing intimacy we shared together. I can’t also end the marriage because of bad sex, and due to this I am seriously not enjoying my marriage.

When I read the stories about the booty calling, then I feel sad.

My husband is a good man, cares a lot about everyone and very responsible. What do I do.”


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