Shocking: Top five African powerful leaders who are Freemasons


One may ask who are the Freemasons?The Freemasons are close group who trace their root as far back as ancient Egypt.

People in this group are describe themselves as people of high moralities and values.According to them their aim is to build a better world.This is how ever different in the eyes of the outside.

Freemasonsare seen as a secret course who are constantly planning a new world order.Definitely people fear what they do not know and Freemasons being a secret group has had it’s members sworn not to unveil their mysteries to the world.

In Africa, the image of Freemasons has been rendered to the public, mostly through the movie industry.This medium especially nollyhood has made Freemason an evil bad circulate which results into human sacrifice to strive.

This has resulted in this band to very religious sensitive country Nigeria. Members of the Freemason in Africa has tried countless of occasions to reverse this image but to no avail.There about 10,000 African Freemasons in the world.

Many influential members of Africa are Freemasons and it will surprise you that on record, Nelson Mandela and Kofi Annan were high ranking members of the group.

The list below indicates the top five Africa leaders who are Freemasons.

1.Ali Bongo

Ali Bongo is the president of the republic of Gabon. Ali Bongo succeeded his father in 2009.Ali Bong’s Father, Umar Bongo was also a Freemason.Gabon is said to have over thousand politicians who are Freemasons.

2.Paul Biya

Paul Biya is the president of the republic of Cameroon. President has been president since 1982, that means he has been in power for almost 38 years.

3.Otomfo) Osei Tutu II

The king of the Ashanti Kingdom is also a member of the Freemason. Otumfo) Osei Tutu II has never hidden the fact that, He is a Freemason.He is one of the greatest King in the history of the Ashantes. His leadership style commands respect from fear.

4.John Agyekum Kuffour

John Agyekum Kuffour is a formal president of the Ghana. John Kuffour currently holds the record as the highest rank black Freemason in the world.He is currently a Senior Grande Member of the of the organization.He was appointed Senior Grand Warden of the United Grande Lodge od England.

5.Jerry John Rawlings

Flt. Jerry John Rawlings is also a former president of the republic of Ghana.He is also a Freemason though He likes to keep that part of his life private or secret.He is a half Scottish where Freemason lodges of Ghana came from.


Source: KwesiNyamekye


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