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26-year-old inmate narrates his journey to prison

26-year-old Abubakar Sadiq has been imprisoned for twenty-four months for attempting to steal mobile phones and cash.

The young man said despite being given rigorous moral training by his mother, he could not resist attempts to indulge in the criminal act after he was introduced to it by his friend.

He said he was excited about his first attempt in which he abetted his friend to steal money belonging to a couple.

“My mother took me to Nigeria and when I came back to Ghana, I met my friend wearing expensive clothes. He then introduced me to stealing and in my first attempt with him, I got Three Thousand Five Hundred Ghana cedis so I was excited and wanted more,” he recounted.

Sadiq indicated that he decided to go solo on a stealing mission after his friend was arrested. Unfortunately for him, he was also arrested.

26-year-old inmate narrates his journey to prison 1

“When I heard my friend was arrested, I was unconcerned because he did not take me along with him again after my first attempt with him. I also took my own path but I was nabbed for attempting to steal mobile phones and some money,” he narrated.

The seeming remorseful man begged his mother who had been advising him to desist from engaging in acts of crime for forgiveness for disappointing her and making her investments in him fruitless.

“My mother made efforts to give me the best education and moral upbringing but when I started smoking weed, I swayed away and followed my friend. I can even recite the whole Quran because of my mother’s efforts. I want her to forgive me for the embarrassment I have caused her,” he pleaded.





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