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Broken hearted lady weeps until her eyes turned red after her guy whom she has aborted many times for, gets married to a different lady

Being HEART BROKEN isn’t the end of life, it is the begining of a new life. SEEDS have to die for a plant to grow. Eggs have to be broken for omelets to be made. If the WRONG RELATIONSHIP does not break, you shall never get into the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP.

You would rather have a heartbreak now so that you will be free to get into a better relationship. Sometimes, life has to make us pass through bitterness so that we can emerge better. Failing today is not the end of life, sometimes God allows a HEARTBREAK in order to SAVE our SOULS.

This is the difficult story of a broken hearted girl and she can’t believe what happened to her. Her story has since been in circulation on social media and she can’t fathom why and how her sacrifice had been in vain.

She has cried so much that her eyes are also reddish in color. Per her assertions she has been in a tight relationship with a guy for almost 11 years with several abortions for this guy and the irony of the whole matter is, this guy is getting married to a new Lady.

The name of the Lady hasn’t been disclosed yet and the name of her guy remains unknown but what would stop a guy marrying a woman whom she has done so much for?

You can watch the video below:




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