Nana Addo’s ‘1 district, 1 dam’ campaign promise automatically fulfilled after heavy rainfall

Nana Addo’s ‘1 district, 1 dam

Before President Nana Akufo-Addo was able to win the heart of Ghanaians to vote for him in 2016, he had to beef up on his mouth-watering promises.

Some of the promises included Free SHS policy, 1 district, 1 dam, 1 district, 1 factory, 1 million dollars per constituency among others.

He has been able to fulfil free SHS but other promises such as the 1 district, 1 dam didn’t really come to being.

But Nana Addo doesn’t have to worry as the floods following a heavy rain yesterday at some parts of Ghana has helped him accomplish the 1 district, 1 dam goal.

There’s a viral photo trending on social media that sees a young boy swimming one of the ‘muddy dams’.

See the photo below:

1 district, 1 dam






Credit: celebritiesbuzz






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