News Alert: Cause of Martin Amidu’s ‘Troublesome’ Nature Revealed

Martin Amidu

Ghana’s first Special Prosecutor, Martin ABK Amidu has been in the news for the past three weeks for both good and bad reasons (depending on where you stand politically). Since he published the report on his corruption assessment of the Egyapa Gold Royalties deal, he has been battered several times by politicians on both side of the political divide.

LAst week, the camel’s back was broken, and Martin Amidu, threw in the towel – he resigned his position as Ghana’s Special Prosecutor. This has resulted in many people pouring the hearts out on this subject.

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But Deputy Minister for Energy, in-charge of Finance and Infrastructure, Joseph Cudjoe says the resignation of the Special Prosecutor, Martin A.B.K Amidu did not come as any surprise to him. According to him, the impressions he has made over the years, and with his working relationships with colleagues have been that regrettable.

He recounted that the committee that vetted Mr. Amidu after his appointment by the President, was marked with an unusual disposition from him [Martin Amidu] when he was probed about his past working relations.

Mr. Cudjoe, in an interview on Takoradi-based Sky Power FM, remarked that it was obvious at the time, Mr. Amidu is likely to fall for his weakness in his new role.

“I have read the response (the facts), that the President and the Presidency had kept all those from the public. But when I read the facts, I realised that Martin Amidu had cheapened himself.


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“If you remember the Appointment Committee sitting, there was a major question that bothered on how he can work with us; his response and demeanor showed clearly that wherever he’d worked he became a problem. So I’m not surprised that in the face of all these facts, he has had to resign. I think he is playing politics. Maybe now that he has resigned, we will know the real truth behind his action,” he said.


Credit: Nsemkwaaa