See What God Revealed To Kofi Akpalo

Kofi Akpaloo
Kofi Akpaloo


The Independent People’s Party is a political party in Ghana. Its leader is Kofi Percival Apaloo, a Managing Principal for Doveson Lovell & Co. The party’s emblem is a computer and its motto says “putting people’s lives first through technology”. It has no seats in the Parliament of Ghana at present.

According to Akpaloo, he saw three doves in his dream. He caught one of them and it laid an egg in his hand, the interpretation he gave for this dream is for him to contest for MP but he won’t win. He then dreamt again and saw the late President, John Evans Atta Mills with him and some visitors in Atta Mills’ office. The late President went to see the visitors off and when he came back, he lifted the hand of Kofi Akpaloo.

He interpreted this to him becoming the President of Ghana.

The party sought to gain seats in the Ghanaian Parliamentary seat in December 2012 but failed to do so. Akpaloo filed to contest in the 2016 Ghana general elections but was one of 13 candidates who were disqualified by the Electoral Commission.

But he is now contesting in the 2020 election which he says he will win this election. He is number 8 on the ballot paper. He again said number 8 is a good number for him because David in the Bible was the 8th son, he gave many explanation for this and his hopes are high for the winning this election because he trusts the EC in their works.


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