Two Open Secrets Of JJ Rawlings That Will Forever Give JDM And NDC Sleeplessness Until December.

mahama and rawlings
mahama and rawlings

Two Bold Statements Hidden In Rawlings Memory Which Could Give Km and NDC sleepless Nights until December

He is known as the “plain plain man”. “The no nonsense man” or the truthful. You can hate his words but you can never ignore them. When he speaks, its in volumes. He doesn’t care how you feel, but so far as he is telling you the Truth, he is fine.

Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings has spoken in truth to the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC. This time, not in parables but plain and clear language and this could give John Dramani Mahama and Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang sleepless nights from now till December.

They can only be comfortable in January. Yes, January alone.

1. I had others in mind but I support you. This is uncommon from many leaders. Some will pretend to love you bit not. It was an open secret as corroborated by political analyst.m Paul Adom Otchere on his official good Evening Ghana program on Metro TV. who publicly declared that Rawlings was supporting former bank of Ghana boss Dr Kwabena Dufuor. This means, from the onset, Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang was out. This secret told by Rawlings could make John Dramani Mahama, Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang, and the entire leadership feel bad and can’t sleep because, it appears they have ignored ” wise counsel ” again for their own mindset.

This could give them guilty conscience. Because truthfully, the support Rawlings could have given Duffuor, sound be the same as the one for Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang. I’m talking from experience. Rawlings the plain plain man has done it before which costed the National Democratic Congress NDC a lot

They lost the presidency and many seats. After they presented Candidate Mahama, to him against his wife, he didn’t say much than to play the fatherly role saying he accepts the outcome. But hey, deep in him, come on he is human just like myself and you, . It was a lip service.

This leads to the second secret that Rawlings dropped in the week to his people which surprised many and could give them another sleepless nights which John Dramani Mahama could be the worst hit . ” I didn’t vote for NDC, I voted for my wife ” .This statement broke my heart. How can a man give birth to his child and throw him away just like that? But this statement too was plain. What a truthful man.

These two secrets of Rawlings uncovered by him leaves two big questions in the minds of the opposition National Democratic Congress NDC and will give them sleepless nights until December. Why December,,?

Because if they win on the 7th of December, they would never mind which person or group of people voted for them and those that did not. All they needed was a win, that’s victory and it has come. Again, until December, as to whether Rawlings truly accepted Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang will be known. Until the last day of elections, this won’t be known thus if he decides to sit on the fence.

What if he comes back on the Eve of December to make a Hot last minute campaign like what he did for Mills at Gain on the last hour for him to win elections?

Rawlings is unpredictable, he is simply a man of himself, he doesn’t fake and this always keep doubts in the minds of his own people as they keep having sleepless nights as to whether he will sit on the fence and watch them or join the entire process.

Until then, the sleeplessness and over thinking continues.